Flashforward Roundup

Day One

Adobe Keynote (unofficial video)
Kevin Lynch, Adobe

ActionScript 3 for Designers
Rich Shupe, FMA

On the Road with Adobe AIR
Mike Chambers, Adobe

The Secret to Project Management for the Creative Studio
Daniel Schutzsmith, GraphicDefine

Branding via Social Media for the Interactive Artist and Small Agency (will be removed 09/28/07!)
Giovanni Gallucci

OOP for the Noob – What’s in the Box?
Peter Elst, MindStudio

Rediscovering Fun!
Aral Balkan

Flash Workflows in Creative Suite 3
Colin Smith, PhotoshopCAFE.com

Video Game Opportunities with Flash
John Say, Say Design, Inc.

Creating and Selling Your Mobile Flash Content
Bill Perry, Adobe Systems

Building and Architecting a Flex Application: A Case Study
Chafic Kazoun, Atellis

Day Two

Breakfast Session: Flash Output with QuarkXPress 7 and Quark Interactive Designer!
Matthias Guenther, Quark

Tame Your Game with CS3 and ActionScript 3
Jay Laird, Metaversal Studios

Stylizing Flex Applications
Joey Lott, The Morphic Group

Animation Tips and Tricks
Chris Georgenes, Mudbubble

AIR, Finetune Desktop, and the Circle of Engagement
Tony MacDonell, Teknision

Designers vs. Developers: How To Avoid Fights on the Playground
Marc Leuchner, Almighty
Matt Wright, ROKKAN

Real World Flash Design Recipes
Colin Smith, PhotoshopCAFE.com

The Art and Zen of Mobile Games Using Flash (no content yet)
Scott Janousek, Hooken Mobile

Advergaming: From Pitch to Production with Flash CS3

Samuel Rivello, Neopets, Inc., an MTVN Company

Day Three

Keynote: The Aesthetics of Computation
John Maeda, MIT Media Lab

AS3 Particle Effects – Now 1000% Extra FREE!
Seb Lee-Delisle, Plug-in Media

Carlos Ulloa, Papervision3D

BitmapData and 3D Image Manipulation in AS3

Paul Ortchanian, Goodby Silverstein & Partners

AIR Outside of the Box
Keith Peters, BIT-101

Flash and Search Engine Optimization (will be removed 09/28/07!)
Giovanni Gallucci

Flex and AJAX
David Gassner, Bardo Technical Services

If you have any information about any of the other sessions please let me know!