Work to get rich like someone has a gun to your head

By | August 13, 2010

Sensationalist enough? Maybe, it’s the polar opposite of the post I read today. I finished reading Hey, Guys, It’s Totally Okay If You Don’t Get Rich earlier today and I don’t think the guys and girls that are trying to get rich, make a successful business or make a difference in the world need to be coddled at all. They need to be pushed. Your family can be there to tell you that you’re amazing just the way you are but the rest of the world needs to push these obsessed men and women to make the things they are trying to make. If they want to become rich, push them to become rich, don’t tell them that their dreams shouldn’t be reached for. There are enough of people on Earth that have no drive to move forward to hold these driven people back from breaking down barriers, expanding to new territories and making the difference in life they want to make. Money does not equal happiness but that might just be the outward desire of the driven individual. Money gives you the opportunity to do almost anything you want, it enables you.

Don’t coddle and hold back our great and driven men and women from trying to achieve their goals at the expense of all else. Please push them forward into their success or pick them up from their last failure. Help your friends, don’t discourage them by telling them they aren’t cut out for their goals, there are a lot of rich folks that got just lucky. Remind your friend that they also need to stay grounded and aware of the present, you can have a lot of fun and really enjoy life on the way to riches.

Some folks like myself feel like I am working to get rich like someone has a gun to my head. It isn’t at the expense of my life that I work, it is for my idea of life that I work.

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    I’m carrying out a thing of the same interest and are having be aware on this .Cheers.

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