Discord Server as a Knowledge Base

By | August 1, 2019

Discord, which is aimed at gamers, offers unlimited history for each Discord server and channel therein. I would have picked Slack instead but the lose of information would have defeated the purpose of this exercise. Discord has stored everything I have posted in both my public and private Discord servers. Private Discord server? Yup that is one of the first great ideas I had when trying to get a handle on all of the information. I was collecting for https://triforcecoin.com/ and my efforts to be an early miner on new cryptocurrency coins. The public Discord server (https://discord.gg/h6kA2JS) has many channels that update automatically when one of my scripts has found something new.

My private Discord server had the same information plus application health notifications and other notifications from scripts I hoped would give me an edge on my competition. The nice part is you can use simple webhooks to post to different channels which in turn you can turn notifications on or off for as you’d like. I turned on notifications for my channel that told me when things failed for example. Discord provides excellent search tools as well to look back through your collected knowledge base. I stored simple scripts in there and other related information. It became on of my greatest assets over time.

This post is part of my on-going series talking about interesting tidbits I learned or snippets I created while I was a cryptocurrency miner.

This was part of a series: Ephemeral Projects as Performance Art

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