Ephemeral Projects as Performance Art

By | July 31, 2019
Screenshot of triforcecoin.com

I dove into the world of cryptocurrency at the end of 2016. Just before the crazy rush of December but still very late to the game. November and December were a blur of activity. There was room for nothing else in my mind for those two months. The downward stroke sucked but I hadn’t invested more than I could afford to lose. As the weeks turned into months the game changed. The effort to maximize profits led to gambling on and being first to mine newly created coins. I primarily focused on coins forked from Monero and it’s close relatives that all used Cryptonight.

This lead to the eventual creation of my own Cryptonight focused mining profit calculator on https://triforcecoin.com. It didn’t spring into existence overnight of course but only a few days after creating it I remarked to my community about it’s delicate nature.

I think this project is like a pseudo living work of art. Unable to keep itself alive it needs constant attention and support. Beautiful while it is kept in shape. Totally worthless if it ever gets neglected. A transient programming project piece of art. Like a beautiful wedding cake that won’t live for more than a few hours. It’s very late obviously lol

sosuke#7560 in Discord on 01/06/2019

I am very proud of my creation and at the same time completely unmotivated to keep it alive. As I learned from Hellraiser: Bloodlines Leonardo da Vinci said that “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” My goal with this is an attempt to extract lasting value from my piece of programming performance art. I am proud of the work even though it isn’t beautiful. That little script you’re working on is important and it has value even after you’ve finished using it. It may not be valuable to anyone other than yourself in a concrete manner but it has value on it’s own merit of having completed a task you set forth to accomplish.

This planning for this post started off with me wanting to open source the whole project but the level of effort putting out a somewhat useful codebase was just more than I wanted to do. The project is still running because of automation I had put in place and still have yet to tear down. The project is also useless because of the constant need to moderate and gather information which hasn’t been done. If there is some show of interest in it I would reconsider but at this time I am going to be writing a post or two giving some high level overviews of interesting bits of the project.

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