On the subject of job searches.

By | March 9, 2006

After three emails to an undisclosed list of friends, it hit me, this was excellent blog content.

Lets kick this post off right with the reason this email barrage started, I was forwarded a link to a blog from a gentleman that came to our office to discuss email management.
It’s not over until you win

Rightfully so from the title alone, there is no way to proceed without a job, or source of income. We are here to discuss jobs, not alternate sources.

Lucky he followed it up with the obvious problems that arise after that first bout of fire.
Fight cynicism

UPDATE: thought I would add part three in Tim’s series:
Energy is everything

Before I caught that follow-up I ran into a post on digg about Ridiculous Job Postings.
Heh, what a laugh, anyway to get there I was quickly routed through a rather good but short lived site called Magic Pot of Jobs.

While Magic Pot of Jobs doesn’t have the breadth of information I craved about the job search, it provided me with an idea. Maybe a good start into finding the job I want versus the company that wants me is to get inside the mind of a recruiter, what makes them laugh at a resume, what gives them cause to notice a particular post.

Right off the bat Tiffany provides me with a link to Niniane’s How to Write a Killer Resume (for Software Engineers). You may ask yourself, why the hell do I want to know what makes a good software engineer resume. Well you do want to know, let me tell you why. Every single point that Ninane goes across in this short tutorial of sorts can be applied to nearly any career resume. Thats the thing you need to keep in mind, something may not seem relevant to your current situation, but it can hold an enormous amount of power to lead place you on a better path. Which makes me wish I had paid attention in English class. Dead end, Niniane’s site provides me with details that she doesn’t mess around, you can tell she is smart as hell, but there are no related links.

Back over to Magic Pot of Jobs, Slacker Manager, remember that we want to get into other peoples minds if we can hold all the keys to our success. Magic Pot of Jobs also hooks us up with A Recruiting Blog Community Portal.. Tiffany frequents this site as a recruiter it would seem, so why don’t we have a look why she would go there. Right off the bat you find both seemingly irrelevant and very relevent data. I am first drawn to his search for a vertical job search engine, he finds it, as well as many others.

Job search engines:

I have seen this posted to many places to pass up clicking it, and I was glad I did.
How to be an expert.

According to some brain scientists, almost anyone can develop world-class (or at least top expertise) abilities in things for which they aren’t physically impaired.

In theory, again, anyone willing to do what’s required to keep getting better WILL get better.

so I believe in you, but you have to want it, you have to know, without doubt, that your better than this, be uncompromising in anything that you think matters

Please, remember that, its the truth, it will save your soul! Err…

Don’t forget the self improvement links:
http://www.lifehack.org – life tips
http://www.lifehacker.com – life tips, a little more computer oriented
http://www.stevepavlina.com – Personal Development for Smart People

Remember: If you want to create customer evangelists, first create employee evangelists

“I think as I please
And this gives me pleasure.
My conscience decrees,
This right I must treasure.
My thoughts will not cater
To duke or dictator,
No man can deny —
Thoughts are free.”

German 16th-century peasant song (revived as a protest anthem against the Nazi regime)

Thanks dad.


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